On these pages you will find reproduced Scorebooks for each season in each grade (when & where information is available), for all FTGCC Senior XI matches since 1913/14 (Veterans & Junior Grade Scorebooks are being updated at present).

1st XI Scorebooks…

  • When a player’s name is followed by a number – this represents their 1st XI Debut number e.g. J.J. Bradbury 432 indicates that he is the 432nd player to debut for the Club’s 1st XI.
  • When a round is identified X – FEM YYY/ZZ, X represents the Round of the season, YYY represents the 1st XI match sequence & ZZ represents the match sequence versus the opponent e.g. Round 1 versus Upwey Tecoma in 2010/11 is 1 – FEM 970/62 i.e. the 970th 1st XI (Competition) match & the 62nd time a 1st XI match between Ferntree Gully & Upwey Tecoma has occurred.   

The link below highlights the Scorebooks and Match records missing from the Club’s Archive. Any assistance in filling these gaps from Clubs who include holdings from any of this missing material or these seasons would be appreciated.


Additional Scorebooks have been compiled for >870 ‘arranged’ matches that we have reproduced for the seasons between 1882/83 & 1912/13, though many matches/results are yet to be located from some of these 30 or so seasons.

These Scorebooks are continually being expanded as more information & match details come to light, but reflect the results of matches played by the Club’s teams since the commencement of senior cricket at the FTGCC in 1882/83.