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IMAGES ASSOCIATED WITH THE FTGCC PRIOR TO WORLD WAR 1 (Pass your mouse over a photo for additional information)

Dicksons Beer Shanty before it became known as the Ferntree Gully Hotel
George Dicksons Hotel (c1870s)
Viewed: 511 times.

The building at the rear is believed to be the first so called Club Pavilion and is oriented toward the playing field - South West of the present Hotel
1880s Ferntree Gully Hotel, now known as the 'Middle' Pub
Viewed: 450 times.

1880's (c) Dobson's Hall
1880's (c) Dobson's Hall
Viewed: 446 times.

Built the Huntingtower Hotel (now known as The Club or Vass\'s) and first hosted cricket teams in the district.
William Kennedy Ross (c1880s)
Viewed: 393 times.

Renamed the Glenfern Cricket Club to the Ferntree Gully Cricket Club at the Annual dinner after the 1889-90 season
Tom Grimwood (c1886)
Viewed: 357 times.

This photograph was taken from near the current bowling club location on Glenfern Road and is probably the home of early clubman, George Chaundy (c 1880s)
Glenfern Road (c 1880s)
Viewed: 409 times.

Started a dynasty of contributors at Ferntree Gully, very evident in the Cricket and Football Club histories
George H. Pickett (c 1880s)
Viewed: 385 times.

1893 Foundation Stone Ceremony 1
1893 Foundation Stone Ceremony 1
Viewed: 437 times.

The arial view takes in the old Shire Hall (Centre), Lordings Store, the Ferntree Gully Hotel and the row of trees along Ferny Creek which now forms the northern border of the Recreation Reserve
Ferntree Gully from 'The Avenue' in the 1890's
Viewed: 531 times.

Minns was an early Treasurer of the club and the first Postmaster of Ferntree Gully
Robert Adolphus Minns (c1895)
Viewed: 480 times.

Batting at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground in a Match among the Melbourne Clergy
George James Williams (c1905)
Viewed: 400 times.

Hitting to the legside at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground
George James Williams (c1905)
Viewed: 384 times.

Running between wickets at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground with stately Parliament House in the background
George James Williams (c1905)
Viewed: 428 times.

Ex Carlton, Sth Melb & Victorian player who took 87 wickets in just 9 matches in 1914-15, including 3 x 9 W/I hauls in the season
Leonard Angus (Len) Smith (c1906)
Viewed: 347 times.

Captain 1907-08, 1911-12 to 1912-13, 1st XI century maker and leading player pre war. Post WW1 he helped form the Mountain District Cricket Association
Frederick William (Fred) Carrington (c1912)
Viewed: 365 times.

The 1890\'s Test player Harry Graham was an early Ferntree Gully Cricket Club opponent when he played at Berwick
Harry Graham (c1907)
Viewed: 397 times.

Coming off the Burwood Highway just before the Bowling Club entrance
Glenfern Rd Crossing (c1910)
Viewed: 424 times.

Gilchrists image comes from the Collingwood Football Clubs 1910 Premiership Photograph
Patrick A. (Paddy) Gilchrist (c1910)
Viewed: 375 times.

Pte William Gibson - a tragic loss to the Club during World War One
William Gibson (c1914)
Viewed: 358 times.

This group is believed to be an early version of the RACV on a driving tour of the Dandenongs
Ferntree Gully Hotel (c1916)
Viewed: 495 times.

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